Observations from Mark

Another late night, so this will be probably be brief. Trying to write something (anything) every day.

Been reading through the Gospel of Mark lately. I've studied it before, but this time it's more because I'm trying to get back in the habit of reading the Bible and praying daily.

What strikes me this time through the book (at least thus far), is how focused Jesus was on the mission at hand. He chose exactly how to teach, when to perform miracles, and when to retreat based on what would best impact the people around him.

To the Pharisees and similar, he was very direct – they had been manipulating God's Law for their own gain and power for years. They studied and knew the Law better than most, and yet they still chose to warp it. As a result, Jesus was very direct with them – he was there to destroy their claim to authority.

With His disciples, He would take more time to gently teach. These were people who generally only had the Pharisee's word to go on, so His approach – to a point – was more gentle and gradual. This allowed the people to work through what they were hearing – to actually engage with Him and His word (like we do today).

Anyway, just some observations.