So, I really like this whole “minimalist editor” thing, but how are titles determined? Or have to moved on to some sort of “post-titleism” in blogging now? Did I miss a memo? Was there a manifesto? Something like,

We, the bloggers of the Internet, no longer recognize the tyranny of the “title”. We refuse to accept the idea that our 3,000 word masterpieces of pure intellectual essence can – nay, should! – be boiled down into a “snappy one-liner”. For too long have our thoughts, our ideas, our very souls, been forced to conform to the outmoded norms of a literary society long since proven irrelevant! I say, unite! Unite against those that would see our works watered down to serve aesthetic sensibilities! Unite against the indexers that would see our vision boiled down to n-gram soup! Unite!

#manifesto #downwithtitles #sarcasticpostissarcastic